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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Applying the Dance

To do the Dance is the key. On rainy daisydays like today the dance is the release the variance from the walking 5miles. It burns and stretches. Taunts , teases and invigorates the energy inside. Get up and Dance i say.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

250 range

At my highest weight the scale read 292. Finally my brain registered obese or i should say it read obscenely obese. The 250 range is where i am at today. Have not been on a scale in a few weeks so 250 range is my guestimate. I was able to take off 72 lbs. last year. My lowest weigh in was 219 lbs. But mismanaging stress lead me down some old paths and the weight does come back faster than all the work put into loosing the mass. Today my outlook is optimistic xause i know what it takes.
  • Portion control - American culture breeds overeating
  • Exercise- 5 miles a day to start
  • Balanced food choices- eating the greens, the beans, the berries, having cheesburgers and fries is possible but not three times a week. A treat when you dont drink a soda for a week then have one. they taste like candy instead of the norm.
Reminding my self with positive affirmations.
I'm good enough - smart enough- and gosh darn it stuart smalley has to like me!

My goal in journaling all this is to loose the weight, maintain my weight, and see real change in the cultural attitudes of my fellow Americans.