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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hey, does this celery make me look fat?

Yeah ...No I am pretty sure I do that all on my own. My phone's photo library is full of attempts to create healthy dishes.  The collection of photos does not reveal  the drive-thru excursions, alcohol intake, late night eating, sitting on my rump most days not exercising, if I was to now confess a few judgement calls.

When do I start? My mouth has said I will start many times. I have only really tried to loose weight once with full commitment. I was successful at loosing 60 pounds. My ability to change is within me.

 My blog will be a record of my journey, a motivator, a watcher of my ways, and a place to let me be kind to myself. The fact is I have been hurting my self for years and the weight is proof of that behavior.

I will allow my honest efforts to be presented and calibrate accordingly. This can be funny but it will not be a joke. There is nothing humorous about a corpse, cold with death, smelling of overworked organs, suffocated by excessive fat tangled by a maze of weak arteries.

When it is my time, I want to be a coroner's unreasonable choice. Dead sexy!

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